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Licensing and Compliance
Assist in or handle completely the process of licensing in all of the necessary areas for compliance for your hospitality, food service business. From liquor licenses, Business Tax Receipts, Department of Health and others.
Provide H.R. streamlining of existing materials for future ease of retrieval and review all items for storage, security and audits. Provide an executable foundation of H.R. within your organization, such as properly vetted employee handbooks and policies, proper formats for employee documentation, and systems to keep tools up to date and complaint.
Owner Representative for Construction and Remodel Projects
Work with architects, general contractors, zoning and building departments to move your project forward and protect against slow downs and misunderstandings which can result in costly issues that can impact your business forever or lead to costly corrections. It often can become difficult to keep a project on track and on the same page without an representative onsite who works for you toward the end goal of YOUR project.

Operations Support
Consulting services are available on many topics, customer service, recipe writing and organization, staff training, food safety, get noticed with improved beer and wine lists or signature drink list. Plate and recipe costing are critical to the success of any concept, this is a time consuming step in the development of your concept that is often done incorrectly or over looked all together and difficult to maintain. We can cost your initial menus, bulk recipes, and revisit on occasion to assure you stay on a profitable track. We can assist with purchasing strategies to keep your food distributers working with you towards continues success and not just placing orders. We can train your team on labor strategy for optimum shift productivity, improving their schedule writing abilities. Organization is the key to success, we can help you get the right tools to move your business forward. For overall kitchen set up and flow, to small ware organization for optimum execution. You name it, we will assist you in these areas and set you up for continued success.



Customer – connect with your customers by better understanding of local and national food and beverage trends, as well as new technology that is prevalent and may be a benefit

Costing – once you understand fully your costs, your growth strategy will become clear, and you pathway profitable

Culinary – recipe engineering, access and streamlining ineffective steps will save labor, increase consistency and improve purchasing

Coaching – Your hospitality family has many diverse dynamics and multiple styles of coaching need to be employed.  You cannot offer hospitality to your guests if your team is not aligned

Creativity – the devil is usually in the details, not the grand strokes.  We will help you embed the memory of the experience you offer into your guests to assure return visits.