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Passionate, Dedicated, Innovative

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The Art & Science of Food

Chrissy Benoit has always been passionate in the restaurant, food and people industry.  Chrissy has had experience across the board, from 4 star Caribbean resorts, to opening restaurants across the nation with acclaimed chef Wolfgang Puck.  An emphasis in staff training, development, concept growth, helping restaurants and resorts concepts achieve the best quality experiences for their guests. Monetizing sales through good design and thoughtful purchasing decisions. Chrissy also manages projects both new and with renovations.

Notable Projects


Worthy Family Farms ~ Florida

Working with an incredible, local fully organic farm to create opportunities through product development and expand the offerings and opportunities of this beautiful carambola farm. 1000 trees and now 20 unique and delicious products being offered wholesale and retail. Assisted in designing the food manufacturing space, working with the Process Authority to establish the farm as a licensed food manufacturing facility, working to establish a high level of food safe systems.

Spotlight Restaurants

Nortons of Green Lake ~ Wisconsin

An historic Supper Club and  beloved restaurant in Green Lake Wisconsin, established in 1948. As Nortons begins to explore new ideas and refresh the classics, we are establishing and installing a leadership structure for the team to facilitate the tradition as well as the new ideas and growth. This effort will support the team as well as the members who call Nortons a place to gather and enjoy generations of friendship.
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Other Projects &
Special Events

Feeding South Florida Community Kitchen

French Quarter, New Orleans

Havana Hideout

Caneel Bay U.S.V.I.




Costing-We help you understand your current costs on all things, so you can better understand your menu engineering, where you may be losing out on revenue as well as were you could be leaving money on the table. This process is critical to understanding how to steer your business and create more R. in R.O.I.


We help you understand your customers and how to make them happy and keep them coming back!


With full kitchen operations knowledge, we can help you asses the
effectiveness of you kitchen, your menu offerings and streamline recipes. We will help you energize your team, create effective processes and boundaries. This is the business of food, not a dinner party. We will help it feel and act like both.



We will work with your team to motivate them and give clear direction. We will offer a human resources approach to developing your team, or help you see and remedy toxic behaviors that may be getting in the way of your success


We will work with your team and help guide and develop ideas to better your
brand and team. Creating a culture of professionalism and enthusiasm, we will help to better your brand and guest impact.